Auto Release Tipping Skips


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The Auto Release Tipping Skip has been designed for the users who are frequently tipping and/or want to keep dumping time to a minimum. This skip can be auto released without the need for the forklift truck driver to leave the cab.

A Nudge plate has been added to the front of the skip which can be activated by touching on the side of the receptacle. The nudge plate then activates the standard release handle mechanism. This Skip can still be used manually via the release handle.

Skip Dimensions

Skip Model Ref Vol Capacity
Load Capacity
RFS 25L-AU 0.25 1000
RFS 40L-AU 0.40 1000
RFS 80L-AU 0.80 1000
RFS 120L-AU 1.20 1250
RFS 160L-AU 1.60 1500
RFS 200L-AU 2.00 1500