Tipping Skips with Lids


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The lidded version of our tipping skip offers all the qualities of our standard range but is suitable for outdoor use and storage. The hinged lid offer protection from the elements, restricts water build up and prevent wind from blowing the contents away.

The Lid covers the full top section of the skip. Manufactured from 1.5mm Steel to reduce weight the front portion is hinged and folds back over itself to allow unrestricted access. The Lid is fitted with 3 handles to make opening easy. It is an important environmental issue to prevent litter from blowing away while outside, this skip encapsulated the rubbish inhibiting loss. The lid is also useful to reduce the smell of any odorous waste.

Skip Dimensions

Skip Model Ref Vol Capacity
Load Capacity
RFS 25L-L 0.25 1000
RFS 40L-L 0.40 1000
RFS 80L-L 0.80 1000
RFS 120L-L 1.20 1250
1.60 1500
RFS 200L-L 2.00 1500