Packaging Tipping Skips

packaging tipping skip

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Packaging Skips are ideal for handing high volume, low weight materials. These skips come fitted with an additional mesh height extension that raises the overall height by 500mm allowing a greater volumetric capacity.

The lightweight mesh frame also adds extra rigidity without any significant weight increase. As the name suggests these skips are suited for packaging materials such as paper, card and polythene. The extension is manufactured from an angle frame with a mesh infill.

Skip Dimensions

Skip Model Ref Vol Capacity
Load Capacity
Overall Height
RFS 40LP 0.70 1000 140 1281
RFS 80LP 1.40 1000 180 1334
RFS 120LP 1.90 1250 221 1485
RFS 160LP 2.50 1500 246 1485