Skip FAQ/Guides

Will the Skip Fit On My Forklift?

Contact Roll Forward Skips are designed to fit onto the forks of conventional forklift trucks. The main things to check when ordering a skip to fit your forklift are the width and thickness of your truck forks (Our skips are designed to suit a maximum size of 150x65), the maximum fork spread of your truck (our skips are designed to suit a spread of 890mm outside edge to outside edge), The capacity of your truck (It is important that the combination of attachment and load do not exceed the forklifts rated load capacity). It is important to confirm if you have a conventional forklift or another type such as a Reach truck or Pedestrian Stacker as these may have fitment issues. Do not worry if your truck is not suitable with the standard model! We have a bespoke design service to cater for any non-standard configurations.

How does the skip fit to my forklift?

The skip is very simple to fit onto a Forktruck. Fork Pockets allow the Truck Forks to be driven straight in, once fully inserted the skip can be moved. Contact Skips are fitted with a retaining chain which is wrapped around the carriage or forks of the truck to ensure safety.

How Does The Skip Work?

Our Skips have been manufactured over many years and have been continuously developed to meet all health and safety issues that can be related to operating this type of product. Our skips use a simple tipping motion to operate. A Full length release handle designed to facilitate operation from either side is located at the rear of the skip, this removes the need for the operator to lean in-between the forks. When the handle is operated at the rear of the skip the body rolls forwards and dispenses. The body has been designed so that the centre of balance is beyond the runner profiles to encourage the forward movement needed to tip. To relock the body either tilt the mast back to achieve reverse movement, lower the skip onto the ground and manually relock or lower onto the side of the receptacle. As the tipping movement relies on balance, care must be taken not to overload the skip at the rear of the body.

Will the skip be suitable for my product?

When selecting a skip for your application, it is important to ensure that you are certain of the product that’s being handled. Our regular duty skip is suitable for lighter waste such as wood, packaging materials, swarf & plastics. The Heavy Duty Skip is suited to heavier waste such as bricks, metal off cuts, and concrete. Depending on your waste we may have an optional extra which will aid your waste handling, for example the packaging skip gives you extra volume when handling lightweight materials, and the Drain tap allows liquid to be drained from the waste for applications such as handling swarf where the coolant can be extracted and re-used.

Will the skip be suitable for my workplace?

It is important to be aware of the environment that the skip will be used in. Consideration should be given to the working conditions as well as any restrictions. For most usual warehouse applications the Regular Duty Skip would be fine, but if you require a skip to be used on a construction site which can be very arduous we would recommend a heavy duty model. The dimensions of the skip should be checked against any restrictions you may have in your workplace, i.e. the gap the skip is going to be situated in, the height of the skip if it is being placed by a chute or conveyor. Consideration should also be taken into how the skip will be manoeuvred on site, if the forklift is often in use, castors may need to be fitted to the skip to allow positioning of the skip by hand.